Paper Plaiting Tutorial
My complex paper plait was featured on the Folding Trees website sometime ago, along with step-by-step photos.

Quilled Alien Tutorial
A crimping tool turns flat strips of paper into wavy pieces and is great for quilled aliens. The two cogs are turned by hand pulling the paper strip through, flat side on the right here and crinkled side on the the left of the cogs.
Then the crinkled strips are coiled as usual with a quilling tool, but keeping a very light tension when you coil. Here the three eyes are separate lengths coiled, but not right to the end, and so a "tail" left dangling. Wiggley eyes of two sizes are superglued on top.
The body is two lengths and the arms and legs half a length each of yellow. The pink coil is yet to be pinched in to lips in the step above, but is lips below!
The lips are added and this is how it looks side on.